Travel sketchbook and the end of World Watercolor Month

Now that life is returning to normal and I have had the  time to load my travel sketches onto my laptop I thought that I would share them with you all. Continue reading “Travel sketchbook and the end of World Watercolor Month”

Days 15 to 22 of World Watercolor Month

We’re now more than half way through this exciting watercolour journey. Yet again time has been the most challenging aspect of this weeks watercolour paintings. One thing that I have discovered is that I much prefer to paint at a leisurely pace rather than the hurried pace that I’ve had to adopt. It has been great practice though as painting speedily has been  a great way of helping me to loosen up my style. Continue reading “Days 15 to 22 of World Watercolor Month”

Days 8 to 14 of World Watercolor Month

Just thought that I’d share with you the paintings that I have completed for days 8 to 14 of World Watercolor Month. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my daily painting practice but even more than that I’ve loved seeing what everyone else has been painting over on the World Watercolor Month Facebook page. Continue reading “Days 8 to 14 of World Watercolor Month”

Days 1 to 7 of World Watercolor Month

The first week of World Watercolor Month has passed on a whirl of activity! One thing that I am beginning to learn in this process is how to paint faster as time hasn’t been on my side. The theme of this week’s paintings as you can see have been rather random as I’ve just painted whatever springs to mind. Next week I’m hoping to develop a theme to work on, I’m not sure what yet so stay tuned! Continue reading “Days 1 to 7 of World Watercolor Month”

Lisbon sketches

I haven’t had much time over the last week for painting and so I thought that I would share with you some of the sketches that I made during my break in Lisbon. There wasn’t much time to fit in much sketching as our trip was jam packed full with sight seeing. Each evening though I made a point of making a quick sketch of something that had caught my eye or inspired me that day. Here are the results…

Pasteis de nata
The famous Portuguese custard tarts!
Examples of azulejo
Designs inspired by the many tiled houses that line the streets of Lisbon
The number 28 tram, Lisbon
The number 28 tram
An abstract sketch inspired by days and days of following maps to discover the city
My travel kit
A reminder of our apartment in Madrgoa

Lessons learned from 30 days of drawing buildings

A few days have now passed since I completed 30 days of drawing buildings. Now that I’ve had chance to look back over what I have drawn I thought that I would share my thoughts on what I’ve learnt by undertaking the exercise.

1. Don’t underestimate the power of perspective

Before I began this challenge I was completely intimidated by the concept of perspective. I recalled the basics from my dim and distant memories of art lessons at school, conjuring up thoughts of rulers and vanishing points. To be honest it all felt a little bit technical and left me cold.

But what I have learnt is that in order to create a realistic looking building is that you have to get this right from the get go. No matter how much detail you put in, if the perspective is wrong the end result will look odd. I’ve still got a lot to learn about perspective but now that I understand the importance of it I’m eager to learn more.

Days 1 – 9

2. Practice makes perfect.

I’ve often heard it said that practice makes perfect. While I am far, far from perfect at drawing buildings practice has definitely brought some improvement 🙂

Days 10 – 18

3. Put the time in.

This has without a doubt been the hardest part of the challenge for me. In the past I have tended to set aside a few hours once or twice a week to paint and draw. This usually means that unless I have a few hours at my disposal then I don’t usually bother attempting any artwork.

Now there was absolutely no way that I was able to put aside a few hours every day of the 30 days so I had to make an adjustment to how I work. At first I found it a challenge to complete something in a short space of time and so some of my early drawings are just basic sketches, but as I grew in confidence I’ve found it much easier to produce something in 30 minutes.

Days 19 – 27

4. Feel the fear and draw anyway.

Right at the beginning of this exercise I said that buildings were my drawing nemesis. By continuously concentrating on the drawing of buildings my confidence has grown.  At around day 16  found that I was actually enjoying my daily challenges, something that I hadn’t anticipated at all!

Drawings of buildings
Days 28 – 30

5. It’s good to share.

Posting my efforts daily on this blog has helped in many ways. Firstly, knowing that I had publicly committed to posting a daily update meant that I had to draw everyday, it kept me accountable. Secondly, posting also helped me keep a record of my progress which was encouraging in itself but more important was the response that I received.  Each and every comment that I received encouraged me to continue, thank you!

Finally I just want to say that if you feel the way that I did about drawing buildings (or any other subject matter) then just draw. Start today and continue everyday, it might not be easy and the results might not always be what you hoped for, but I can promise you this – it will definitely be worth it.