Christmas comes early – St Petersburg watercolours

Since I began painting and drawing earlier in the year I have been using art materials left over from my days at college which quite frankly are many, many years old! The watercolours that I have been using are a set of 12 pan Daler-Rowney student grade watercolours. These have been adequate for the washes that I have been adding to sketches but as I am planning on delving further into watercolour in the new year I decided that it was time to invest in a new set.

St Petersburg watercolours

During my research on what to buy I came across St Petersburg White Nights watercolour paints. Here’s the product description,

This world famous brand of artists’ quality watercolour paints has been produced in Russia by the St Petersburg Company since 1934. White Nights are extra fine watercolours, manufactured using the highest grade of the finest pigment particles plus gum arabic and even honey! Three quarters of the paints in this range are made from single pigments and the whole spectrum of colours are easily mixable and lightfast.

In addition to this was the price, at £36.00 for a set of 36 colours these offered tremendous value and so I decided to order a set.


Here’s the selection of colours in the box, they are liquid poured and remain semi moist. I also painted a chart of colours for reference of how the paints look on paper. I will say I was thrilled by how pigmented the colours were. After working with a set of only 12 colours it’s an exciting prospect that the variety that I now have offers endless possibilities.


Obviously I couldn’t wait to get started on trying them out! I’d found and brought home a pine cone and it was sitting on the side table next to me so seemed like a seasonal subject to try the paints out on.

It’s early days and I haven’t had many opportunities yet to work with these paints but so far I’m really happy with the results.