In preparation

Preparing artwork for the Saltwater exhibition

Getting ready for framing

Salwater Exhibition - Tori Tipton

Salwater Exhibition - Tori Tipton

There’s not been much time for painting lately as I’m now at the stage in working towards my exhibition where it’s purely preparation and administration. I’ve now learnt that preparing for an exhibition is no easy task!  I’m surrounded by paintings in my studio and around my house, whilst I check the titles, sizes and frames. 12 oil paintings have been catalogued along with 13 framed giclee prints. Although the actual exhibition doesn’t start for just over a week, I’ll be hanging my paintings in the a few days before to allow for tweaks and adjustments. This is all new to me so I’m checking and re-checking that the details are correct.

Who knew how much work went into an art exhibition! Talk about a learning process, I’d love to hear the thoughts and any advice from other creatives out there about this part of the artistic experience.


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